Emulator for the AUG AMI DevKit for the .NET Micro Framework

The AUG AMI DevKit comes with a custom emulator (download AUG.AMI.SDK) that supports the hardware the AUG AMI board offers.

  • 480 x 272 display with resistive touch screen
  • QMatrix capacitive sensor keypad beside the screen
  • select your overlay QMatrix or resistive touch screen
  • status LEDs
  • GPIO button keypad
  • temperature sensor
  • redirectable serial ports

The screenshot shows the emulator running the tetris game written by Pavel Bánský - you can download the adapted source code in the download area.

AUG AMI custom emulator running tetris

 This emulator allows you to get familiar with the hardware and drivers the kit offers and to test your apps against the AUG AMI board.

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