AUG AMI DevKit for the .NET Micro Framework

Welcome to the official home page for the AUG AMI DevKit for the .NET Micro Framework 4.1 and 4.2.

The Kit comes in a ESD-Box along with power supply, cables and a USB-stick containing documentation and installation files.

DevKit Package

The contents in detail are

  • the AMI board (MH080407 Rev. 2)
  • 3.4" AMOLED display in a plastic housing that can be screwed to the AMI board
  • resistive touch screen glued on top of the display
  • 4 plastic screws used as a stand for the display and board
  • a 1 GB Kingston USB-stick containing full documentation in PDF format and install-files for SDK, samples and more
  • a 5 V regulated power supply plug (110..240 V AC, 50/60 Hz)
  • USB-flash adapter cable for SAM-BA
  • serial cable (RS-232 PC pin assignment - use a null-modem-cable to connect to a PC)
  • DBGU serial cable (RS-232 device pin assignment - directly connect to a PC)
  • standard USB A-B cable
  • standard Ethernet patch cable
  • "Getting Started" document in printed form

The price of the DevKit is EUR 369 excl. VAT and shipping.
You can now order by sending us an email.

Please also see the documentation menu for more information.

Note: The DevKit does not contain the QMatrix glass surface because we think developers will more likely need the resistive touch screen. You can not have a resistive touch screen behind a glass surface - of course - but we offer a glass surface option that you can place on top of the DevKit (loosing resistive touch screen while the glass is there).

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