You can buy the AUG AMI DevKit directly from us, AUG Elektronik GmbH, Austria. But since we are a production company in the first we are not very familiar with direct selling to end customers and will only accept pre-payment by bank transfer.

There are distributors that will give you a better experience in ordering (e.g. a webshop; accepting credit cards) and propably faster delivery (e.g. local stock in your country)


www.microframework.eu, Czech Republic, webshop, local stock, shipping worldwide, flexible shipment and payment

AUG Elektronik GmbH

www.aug-electronics.com/ami, Austria, e-mail order, local stock, shipping worldwide, pre-pay by bank transfer

Please contact us if you want to become a distributor and / or want to offer the board in your webshop.

Links related to the AUG AMI DevKit for the .NET Micro Framework

These links might give you useful information about the AUG AMI DevKit or the .NET Micro Framework in general.


For example you can find a nice YouTube Video about VS2008, installation and deployment of .NET MF Space Invaders game.

The good old Microsoft comercial for the .NET MF with Coffee-Maschine, SPOT-Watch and Sideshow.

Video showing a Home Thermometer sample with a nice .NET MF GUI.

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