.NET MF 4.0 is no longer supported by Microsoft - please switch to the latest version!

.NET Micro Framework 4.0

The .NET Micro Framework team has released Version 4.0 of the .NET Micro Framework . We are happy to offer you binaries you can test and use productively on your AUG AMI DevKit.

Please read carefully whatever documentation you can get on the .NET MF 4.0 and read the install notes below!

You cannot install the .NET MF 3.0 and 4.0 side by side. Set up a different PC (or VM) for 4.0 only! Prerequisites are the same as for 3.0: VS 2008 SP1

Download the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SDK 4.0 (RTM 4.0.1681.0) from the Microsoft download site. Install it.

Download and install AUG AMI SDK 40 from this web site. There is a custom AUG AMI DevKit 4.0 emulator contained in the package as well.

If you like, download our Samples and/or Tests ZIP-files that have been reworked for the 4.0 release.

For instructions on how to update your AMI DevKit 3.0 to the 4.0 release please reed the Firmware Manual 4.0 from this web sites Documentation menu.

Have fun. Please report any bugs you may encounter or make suggestions on what we could do better.

We have based our port on 4.0 RTM, 4.0.1681.0. Please note that you have to install and use the .NET MF SDK (and PK if needed) with the exact same version number.

Our AMI custom emulator also references the version 4.0.1681.0!

Thank you!

Binary description

The .NET MicroFramework 4.0 binary has a standard setup having the following configuration:
  • Static IP (
  • HTTPS and SSL support (don’t forget to seed the device with mfdeploy)
  • Landscape OLED (a portrait mode binary can be done very easy)
  • FAT File System for NAND and SD-card included
  • Micro-SD-card must be inserted PRIOR boot (auto mounted during boot)
  • Resistive (precalibrated) touch screen
  • SerialPort, I2C, SPI, GPIO, QMatrix
Due to SSL and other new features in 4.0 we had to grow the memory map from 60/80/180 to 60/80/280. If you have some, please change your private SAM-BA scripts accordingly. The scripts in our BETA have been changed.
There are several other binaries around that we provide and - of course - we can build a custom binary exactly tailored to your needs!


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