Options for the AUG AMI DevKit

The AUG AMI DevKit is a flexible platform that offers a wide range of possibilities. Here are some options we can offer you.

 PoE power supply

AMI PoE module

EUR 30 excl. VAT, shipping

4mm glass surface with ITO for 3.4" OLED display

 AMI glass option

AMI glass front surface with ITO film

Dimensions are 94 x 130 mm (3.4” OLED)

EUR 40 excl. VAT, shipping

4.3" TFT display

EUR 0 excl. VAT (same price), shipping (no add-up price to the 3.4" OLED display)

4mm glass surface with ITO for 4.3" TFT display

Dimensions are 110 x 145 mm (4.3” TFT)

EUR 40 excl. VAT, shipping

4.3" OLED display

EUR 100 excl. VAT, shipping (add-up price to the 3.4" display)

Unfortunately the OLED display is no longer available from Taiwan. We still deliver 3.4" OLED for the DevKit as long as we have stock - but for new project you need to consider different display! Please ask us for other options. There are only a few pieces of the 4.3" OLED availabe on stock - please ask.

Production boards and placement options (min. 100 Pcs.)

  • Ethernet
  • RTC realtime clock
  • TMP100 temperature sensor
  • serial ports
  • connectors

production board calculator (click here)

Please ask us directly for larger volumes!

AMI Extension Board (AMI PlayGround)

Ami Extension Board

LED and physical button for each of the 17 GPIOs, accessible I2C and SPI bus, additional accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensor, USB connectors (future use; today USB power supply and SAM-BA only), playground for manual soldering your own ideas 

AMI extension board

EUR 75,70 excl. VAT, shipping

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