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These products are built with the AMI-Board as its base and/or using the AMI-DevKit for evaluation and tests.

Room Touch Controller (RTC) fitting into a standard wall socket (e.g. Gira E22, red part in the picture)

The RTC has a standard resistive touch screen, support for SSL, HTTPS and DPWS for Sensor To Sever development. There are several hardware options available for the AMI RTC: PoE supply, EIB/KNX Bus connection, 868 MHz wireless (wireless M-Bus) communication, ACCESS Module with capacitive pin-pad and 125 kHz RFID-reader, OUT16 Module with 16 x 230V/16A outputs, several potential free inputs and much more. All of those hardware extensions are directly accessible from manged code (event driven) by the AUG AMI SDK managed code drivers and classes that come with the package. A sample that uses all of the parts and displays how to use the SDK is available in source code form.

Please ask us for more information!

 AMI room touch controller

The OUT16 looks like this

OUT16 module with LEDs as Outputs  OUT16 with relais on DIN-rail

The ACCESS Module looks like this and comes with a only 25 mm deep wall socket case

Electronic drink dispenser with waterproof and vandalism safe "touch screen" (cap. sensor)

 AMI glass surface capacitive sensor keypad overview

Overview of one module (there are up to 12 in one drink dispenser). The display has 16 "keys" (capacitive sensor pads) that are pressed "through" a 4 mm glass surface - making the device waterproof and vandalism safe (and as we think cool looking...)

AMI glass surface detail 1

Side view showing the 4 mm glass (in front of) the AMI board

AMI glass surface detail 2

Detailed view of the visible area with the graphical cap-sense "keys".




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